144: The Process of Recovery in Your REALIFE™, with Terri Johnson


 How do you build a new life after starting the road to recovery? What does it look like to incorporate new rhythms, routines, and behaviors after becoming sober?

Join Teresa and REALIFE™ Recovery Coach and Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor Terri Johnson as they discuss how the REALIFE Process® can partner with an individual’s recovery journey to move forward into a new way of living.

Teresa and Terri discuss:

  • How to find help for someone who wants to take the first step to become sober
  • What the first year of recovery looks like and how to develop rhythms and structures to support a new way of life in long-term recovery
  • Why knowing who you are is foundational for learning how to dream again
  • How to identify projects and incremental action steps that will help you make progress one day at a time
  • Why the practice of reviewing your days and weeks is crucial to recovery

Terri shares how using the REALIFE Process® in her recovery allowed her to find freedom within the structure of a Modern Day Rule of Life™.

Whether you are in recovery or want to help someone else walking that road, the components of the REALIFE Process provide great tools to help you do your next right thing.

To connect with Terri through a complimentary discovery call, visit https://www.therealifeprocess.com/terrijohnson. 

If you or a loved one needs help finding a treatment program, visit https://www.samhsa.gov/ or email [email protected].

What is a Modern Day Rule of Life™?

A rule of life is a commitment to live your life in a pattern of behaviors, rhythms and routines. It is crafted through discernment, in partnership with God, as you consider the way God designed you and the values He has inscribed upon your heart.

Once discovered and written, it serves as a tool and framework that can help you make decisions for your life and determine how best to order and align your days.

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