152: Let’s Have a Great Conversation, with RLP Facilitator Michelle Mullins


What if you invited just one person a day to have a conversation? This question helped today’s guest find a natural way to connect with people and help them discover what really matters to them.

I’m joined in this episode by one of our REALIFE Process Certified Facilitators™ Michelle Mullins, a coach who helps busy entrepreneurs find a healthy, sustainable rhythm of life so they can avoid burnout and say YES to a life they love.

We talk about:

  • The power of conversation and listening to help someone identify what matters to them and how to live that out
  • How the framework of the REALIFE Process® equips Michelle to have great conversations through her coaching
  • Why being “busy” isn’t always a bad thing, and how rhythms and routines can prevent burnout
  • How your calendar can show if you are truly living out your values in your personal and work life
  • We also talk about how the REALIFE Facilitator Network™ provides support and community for Michelle as a coach and business owner.

If you want to learn how to impact people through great conversations, this episode is for you!

Connect with Michelle:
Visit michellemullinscoaching.com to learn more about Michelle and to download the free Intro to REALIFE Needs & Values Assessment!

About Michelle:
Michelle is a certified coach, online trainer, and mentor for remote professionals around the world. She loves partnering with businesswomen, ministry leaders, virtual team leaders, and work-at-home moms from around the globe. She is passionate about helping busy entrepreneurs find a healthy, sustainable rhythm of life so they can avoid burnout and say YES to a life they love!

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