158: What Are You Tracking In Your Business?


What story are your numbers telling you? In this week’s podcast episode, I’m joined by our team’s Integrator, Terri Johnson, as we talk about paying attention to the data and what it reveals.

We discuss:

  • Why it’s important to pay attention to your numbers
  • How your personal money mindset can create resistance to talking about data
  • Specific examples of expenses and revenue to track
  • How the numbers can show you what to focus your time and effort on, and what to stop doing
  • The method we use for tracking data at the REALIFE Process®

As a business, you can’t know where you’re going if you don’t pay attention to where you’ve been. Numbers and data can give you a concrete picture of what’s working and what’s not. As you listen to this episode, we hope it helps you identify exactly what to track in your business as we move into a new year.

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