191: How to Leverage Your Unique Flamingo Advantage, with Author Katie Hornor


What does it mean to have a flamingo advantage, and how can identifying yours help grow your business? In this episode, I’m joined by author Katie Hornor to talk about how knowing what makes you unique can make your marketing easier.


We talk about:

  • How embracing your personal uniqueness allows you to show up confidently in your business
  • What it takes to stay relevant to your audience, and how to speak directly to what your clients are thinking about
  • How to position your services as something clients can’t do without, in a time when people are eliminating the extra and unnecessary
  • Why we should elevate impact over income as we see ourselves as stewards of a business that belongs to God


We also talk about what it means to not only survive, but thrive in your business during a recession with both grace AND gains. This conversation will inspire you to discover what makes you unique, and embrace it as an important part of your work.


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I’m thrilled to be one of the speaker’s for Katie’s upcoming FREE online event, The Flamingo Summit: How to Ride Out the Recession with Grace and Gains. You can learn more and sign up for this free event here.


About Katie:

Katie Hornor is an international speaker, best-selling author, and expat entrepreneur in a sleepy little seaside town in México who has inspired millions of people through her best-selling books and top 2% global podcast, “For Your Success.”


Through her faith-based mindset and business strategy coaching programs, Katie has helped over 8,000 people learn to maximize the impact of their expertise by scaling their online programs to five and six figures. Katie believes “Your Message Matters” and she maintains that “courses and coaching programs are the #1 way to change the world.”


Connect with Katie on her website. You can also get a copy of her book, The Flamingo Advantage, for free (only pay for shipping) at freeflamingobook.com.

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