201: Can You Coach Yourself?




Is it possible to coach yourself? I’ve been asked this question several times recently, and I’m sharing my answer with you in today’s podcast episode.


We’ll cover:

  • A process to walk through when you keep ruminating on the same thoughts
  • How your thoughts, feelings, and actions are connected, and where to start when you want to dive deeper into a specific circumstance
  • A strategy for changing your actions when you want to react in a different way


I’ll also share why my answer to this question is “YES, but…” as we consider the benefits of having a coach to partner with you, even as you learn to coach yourself. This episode will give you a practical tool you can use TODAY to pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, and actions.


Mentioned in this episode:

Mike Kim, author of You Are the Brand

Ep. 198: Beyond the Enneagram, with Author Marilyn Vancil

Ep. 154: Introducing the New “N.O.W.” Tool

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