217: How Certification Gives You Confidence and Clarity In Your Business, with Erica Vinson


Why might you need to get certified in a tool or process, and how can this help you grow your business? Today I’m joined by our Facilitator Network Director, Erica Vinson, as we talk about how certification can benefit you personally and professionally.


We’ll share:

  • How getting certified transforms YOU first as you go deeper in an immersive learning process
  • Why certification can give you the validation and credibility you need to get more clients
  • How being in a community of like-minded people creates opportunity for connection and collaboration
  • How to know if certification is right for you, and how to move from learning to action


We’ll also share our own experience with getting certified with various tools and processes, and how all of it has contributed to clarifying the work that is ours to do. Plus, how getting certified in the REALIFE Process® can help you build a framework for your business. If you want to grow in clarity and confidence in the work that YOU do, certification could be a great next step!


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About Teresa McCloy:

Teresa McCloy is the creator of the REALIFE Process® and an ACC Certified Leadership & Life Coach through the International Coaching Federation. She partners with her clients as a coach, consultant, and professional speaker to discover how to do what matters in their life and business. Teresa is the author of Do What Matters: Live from Rest, Not Rush, Using the REALIFE Process®.

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