224: Is Self Care Vanity or Sanity?


How do you feel about self-care? Do you think it’s selfish or self-centered? I wasn’t always passionate about the topic of self-care, but after feeling the impact of living with my hair on fire, I had to get serious about it.


In this episode, we’ll talk about:

  • Why self-care is not just about you, but essential for the work that you do
  • What scripture has to say about caring for yourself
  • What happens when we don’t prioritize self-care
  • How to plan for times of not only rest, but also renewal of your mind, body, and spirit

I’ll also share some practical examples for how to intentionally create space for self-care in your busy schedule. I truly believe you can’t do your best work unless you are taking care of YOU, and I hope this episode helps you do that!


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