239: How to Steward An Intentional Marriage, Family, and Business, with Chris & Michael from The Forge



If you want to thrive in life, family, and work, where is the best place to start? Today I’m joined by Chris Niemeyer and Michael McGreevy, and they’re sharing about their new organization, The Forge– a community of men who are intentional and engaged with their wives and children, while doing their work with excellence.


We talk about:

  • What happened in each of their lives that led to considering how to do life differently
  • The four pillars of self-leadership, marriage, family, and business that drives the mission of The Forge
  • Why success starts with leading yourself, and how this impacts the rest of your life and business
  • How growth happens in all of life when men are authentically doing life together


Plus, they’ll share how you can get involved with what’s happening at The Forge, whether it’s a community for you, your spouse, or someone you love. I was inspired to hear how Chris and Michael made the pivot to do what matters through this new venture, and I know you will too!


About Chris Niemeyer:

If Chris Niemeyer isn’t traveling with his wife & 4 young kids or running his real estate investments, he’s committed to helping other entrepreneurs work ON their business instead of IN it.


A business coach and real estate investor, Chris is passionate about helping small business owners work smarter, not harder to discover more time and financial freedom. Living a life of adventure, spending more time with loved ones and operating in your sweet spot can be a reality as you go through his FREEDOM Business System™.

About Michael McGreevy:

Michael lives life to the fullest with his wife & kids above all other pursuits and maintains a flexible schedule to make that possible. It’s his mission to help men discover their greatness so they can lead their families well and make their mark on the world.


Michael is a professionally trained leadership coach with a decade of experience working with high capacity business owners and executives. He partners with high achievers to create powerful break-throughs in key areas of their lives and businesses so they can lead with unshakable confidence and clarity.


Connect with Chris and Michael, and learn more about The Forge, at www.theforgealliance.com. You can also join their Facebook group.

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About Teresa McCloy:

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