257: How to Make a Plan for 2024


In this episode of the Doing What Matters podcast, host Teresa McCloy shares her annual tradition of taking a whole day to plan for the year ahead. 

Teresa emphasizes the importance of living from rest, not rush, and how this planning exercise helps to create a life that truly matters. She walks listeners through the step-by-step process of planning for the year and offers practical insights and tips that can be applied to any business or personal life.

Teresa starts by highlighting the significance of community and the power of doing life together. She expresses her gratitude for the listeners who join her on this journey and sets the stage for discussing the planning process for the year ahead.

Using a giant 8 by 5 write-on wipe-off calendar, Teresa and her team spent several hours mapping out the events and appointments for the upcoming year. They color-coded different aspects of their business and marked reoccurring events, vacations, retreats, and marketing activities.

This visual approach allowed them to see the big picture and set the foundation for their plans.

Teresa emphasizes the importance of the "jar of pickles" analogy, where the big rocks are the essential elements that need to be placed in the jar first. By identifying these critical events and aligning them with their vision and goals, Teresa and her team were able to prioritize and ensure that they have a solid plan for the year ahead.

She encourages listeners to order a big calendar to gain a visual perspective and begin the process of mapping out their own big rocks for the year. By taking action now and getting ahead of the planning process, they can enter the holidays and the new year with confidence and a clear direction for their businesses and lives.

Lastly, Teresa provides a sneak peek into an upcoming community platform launch in January.

Listeners are invited to join the community mailing list to be the first to receive updates and access to free content. This new platform will offer resources and support for those who want to live from rest, not rush, and use the real life process framework for creating a meaningful and purposeful life.

In conclusion, Teresa's annual planning tradition serves as a reminder of the importance of intentional and strategic thinking. By dedicating time to plan for the year ahead, individuals and businesses can gain clarity, set priorities, and create a roadmap to success.

So go ahead, order that big calendar, and start filling it with your big rocks for 2024. Your future self will thank you for it.


01:59 Plan for next year, fill calendar with events.

04:49 Schedule and events organized, color-coded for efficiency.

09:59 Bringing everything together to serve clients.

11:47 Calendar organized, confidence to move forward.

18:01 Summary: Use calendar to plan and prepare.

21:26 Join now for free content in 2024.





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