258: Discovering Pieces of Your Story



On this episode of the "Doing What Matters" podcast, host Teresa McCloy explores the power of connecting the dots in our life stories.

As we approach the end of the year and the holiday season, it's a perfect time to reflect on our experiences and gain insights into ourselves. Teresa shares her own story of a recent vacation with her family and the realization she had about how her father influenced her love for adventure and travel.

She reminds listeners to stay curious about their own stories and to be open to learning more about themselves and their connections.

Teresa recalls a childhood memory of her father buying a small wooden boat and taking the family on trips to the lake. This sparked her love for travel and adventure, which she had always attributed to her father's work ethic.

However, during their recent trip, Teresa realized that her father's desire for adventure and new experiences was just as influential. She connects the dots between her own longing for travel and her father's influence, leading to a greater understanding of herself and her desires.

Teresa emphasizes the importance of reflecting on our stories and making connections. She introduces the "my life map now" tool from oneLife Maps, which helps individuals uncover the value in their life stories and see themselves through new eyes.

By staying open to learning and resolving past hurts or celebrating successes, we can continue to grow and uncover new aspects of ourselves.

Teresa encourages listeners to be curious and approach holiday gatherings with a different perspective, looking for opportunities to gain new insights.

For those who have never documented their story, Teresa suggests checking out oneLife Maps and their series of maps that guide individuals through the process of connecting the dots in their life story.

Teresa also mentions that in the new year, The REALIFE Process will be launching a community with free resources for further exploration of personal stories. By connecting with others and engaging in conversations about our stories, we can deepen our understanding of ourselves and find support and inspiration along the way.

As the holiday season unfolds, she concludes by encouraging everyone to remember that there is value in each person's story and that by connecting the dots, we can find meaning, purpose, and grace in our lives.


00:07 Welcome back to the Doing What Matters podcast. Join us in living from rest, not rush.

04:37 Memory and genetic connections shape our behavior.

08:02 Fun memories, small boat, water skiing, fishing. Retirement in Florida.

12:29 Dad's work ethic taught me to play.

14:22 Reflect on story, resolutions, past hurts, adventures.

18:23 New community launching in January, more interaction.





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