269: Companions on the Journey: A tribute to Dan Miller


In this heartfelt episode of "Doing What Matters," I share an emotional tribute to my mentor and close companion, Dan Miller, who recently passed away.

You will see how Dan’s presence profoundly impacted my life. We discusses the powerful lesson I learned about the value of community and companionship.

I'll tell you about a life-changing event that occurred during my recent 16-day trip, where I had anticipated experiencing travel and recreation. Little did I know that this trip would lead me to profound realizations about companionship and legacy.

As we walk through this episode, I invite you to reflect on the people who have been impactful in your own journey and encourage you to express gratitude to those companions who have made a lasting impression.

I have a valuable resource to help you explore your own values and needs in order to understand the kind of legacy you want to leave behind.

You can download it at https://www.therealifeprocess.com/needsandvalues.

Enjoy the episode.


On This Episode:

00:00 Discussing companionship, tribute to mentor, personal discovery.

04:17 Dan Miller's importance, health, and pancreatic cancer.

07:57 Focus on legacy and personal growth journey.

10:23 Attending conference for community and positive energy.

14:42 Tears of joy, finding belonging in community.

18:30 Grateful for Dan's mentorship and supportive community.

21:10 Legacy of building relationships and companionship passion.

24:42 Reflect on values, impact, and carry forward.






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