271: Connecting the Dots with Ashley Fillingim


In this episode, I have invited Ashley Fillingim to a wonderful conversation about the convergence of personal journeys and professional endeavors.

As a small business attorney and narrative coach, Ashley takes us into the critical areas of legal matters that entrepreneurs often overlook – the establishment of a separate corporate entity, safeguarding intellectual property, and the essential use of contracts.

We discuss real-life implications and share practical advice to help you overcome the intimidation of the legal facets of your business.

We continue our discussion about adoption from last week, along with the powerful influence of family dynamics on identity, resilience, and the search for meaning.

Ashley also makes a gracious offer of discounted legal templates exclusively for our Doing What Matters podcast listeners. This is a valuable resource as you navigate the DIY aspects of small business legalities.

Enjoy the episode.


On This Episode:

05:29 Corporate lawyer becomes entrepreneur, helping small businesses.

11:17 Adoptive mom shares challenges of telling story.

19:59 Mother discovers daughter's birth family in Romania.

25:05 Trust, support, love, adoption, parent, blog.

32:40 Rediscovering passion for writing, self-reflection, redirection.

36:54 Creating, sharing stories for healing and normalization.

43:09 Business clients face growth roadblocks and false beliefs.

47:27 Revamping to address issue, teaching and educating.

50:50 Research trademarks, consult attorney to avoid lawsuits.

01:00:50 Check out the links below.





Ashley's Offer: https://kickashlaw.gumroad.com/l/sejrxh/REALIFE

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