113: What is Spiritual Direction? A Conversation with Angela Gage

What would it be like to have someone truly companion you? No fixing, no judgment–just someone walking by your side witnessing your story, listening, and noticing the presence of God in your life along with you? 

This week on the podcast, Certified Spiritual Director, REALIFE Process Charter Facilitator™, and Enneagram Practitioner, Angela Gage joins me to explore–

  • What is Spiritual Direction?
  • How does it differ from other helping professions?
  • How have embracing community and belonging for her as an Enneagram Type 4 moved her full circle toward harmony?  
  • How did her willingness to pivot lead to an invitation for greater connection that impacts YOU? 

Pull up a chair and join the conversation as we discover the blessings and benefits of Spiritual Direction together!

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As a licensed and ordained Christian minister, Angela has been inviting others for the last 15 years to be still and listen, waiting for the discernment needed to clarify their gifts, calling, and purpose so that they might confidently fulfill their God-given destiny.

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