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This is an invitation to do life differently through rhythms, routines, and practices that help us live the life God has for us.

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015: [Harmony Triad 3,6,9] Communication with the Tool of the Enneagram

communication triad 3-6-9 Apr 03, 2019

What did you say? Communication is such a powerful tool! Through the lens of the Enneagram Harmony Triads, we can bring greater awareness of our head, heart, and gut to our verbal, nonverbal and written communication and respond with intention in a more FULL CIRCLE way. 

This week...

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008: [Harmony Triad 3,6,9] Leadership with the Tool of the Enneagram

tool triad 3-6-9 Feb 13, 2019

What type of leader are you? Enneagram Professional, Ginger Lapid-Bogda says, "If you have all three–a high EQ, a high IQ, and a relevant on the job experience from which you have learned and grown, your chances of success (as a leader) are even greater!"

On this episode, as we...

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